Requiem for a Man is a quest in Fallout Eleventy

Requiem for a Man

Given by

Spence's Shack


VTHG Headquarters


Spence's Gun

Preceded by


Followed by

Last Chance

Goals Edit

  • Find out who attacked
  • Exit VTHG headquarters
  • Enter Shack


You are getting your reward from the VTHG when the bomb sirens go off. You make your way to the bomb shelter. As you shut the door a deafening boom and earth shaking tremor rips the building apart.

As you exit the shelter, the offices are on fire and corpses are everywhere. Find out who attacked and stop them. Make your way through the burning building as you see Maccy Man and a group of trolls head towards the South. Under a hail of bullets retreat to a near-by shack and enter.

In the shack you meet Spence. He is a member of the VTHG who saw the smoke and hid in the shack, which serves as an armory. He says if your a member of the VTHG and can answer the riddle, you will be able to enter Spence's Armory. When done Spence leads you to a tracking device he planted on one of the vehicles of MM. He gives you the tracker and you set out.


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