A generic Bunker entrance.

Pulowski Preservation Bunkers are brand of fallout shelters developed by Pulowski Preservation Services. Because of their concept, they are compared to Vault-Tec Vaults, but due to their unreliability, are considered cheap knock-offs of the more successful Vaults. However, the Bunkers are much more protective then the single-serving, 100% ineffective Pulowski Preservation Shelters. Bunkers can hold 500 people on average. To put it in basic English, PPS Bunkers are Fallout: Eleventy's Vaults.


The success of the bunkers in the United Kingdom is credited to a "behind the scenes" deal with the New Bailey, pre-war. The agreement stated that PPS's budget on bunkers with be tripled if the New Bailey gets a say in how the bunkers are constructed. After two years under this contract, few bunkers were created throughout the UK, but a hostile takeover of PPS resulted in the New Bailey's control of the entire project, with only the name "Pulowki Preservation Services" remaining to keep the New Bailey's involvement a secret. When bunker production was under complete control by the New Bailey, hundreds of bunkers were created. This hastiness can also be attributed to stolen interior blueprints from Vault-Tec, explaining why the inside of bunkers are nearly identical to those of Vaults. Inspired by the Enclave, and influenced by their own sick sociopathy, they decided to add a twisted, slight alteration to every Vault, ranging from little modifications like a lack of heating/cooling to large ones like filled with torture and death traps. These changes would be monitored by the New Bailey for their own evil pleasures.

List of BunkersEdit

Because PPS bunkers have an entrance on the surface, instead of Vault entrances inside of caves, they have been buried by war, soil, and time. So far, these bunkers have been discovered:

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