Last Chance is a quest in Fallout Eleventy.

Last Chance
Time to Die

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Preceded by

Requiem for a Man

Followed by

Double Trouble


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You wake up. Your in a burning building. Where are you? You walk through the door and are blasted by an explosion. Corpses surround you. Maccy Man shoots you with an M60, Special Disk float around you. An army of Trolls kill thousands of people. What do these visions mean?

You wake up in Spence's Shack. There's a knock at the door, but when Spence answers it... he looks worried. And then he transforms into Maccy Man. Again, you wake up, for real this time, and find yourself in a luxury apartment... on a silken bed... you roll onto your side, and a voluptuous vixen stares back at you. "Aggh! What the fuck?!", you yell. The figure shimmers away, and a snarky laugh echoes through the halls.

Images flash across your mind. You find drugs on a table near you. Were you drugged?

You see a Holodisk and play it. It's Maccy Man. He offers you a chance to stay here, forever, so long as you don't continue the mission. Do you?

You open a door, a solid brick wall. You notice that some of the drugs could be used to make an extremely explosive compound (dumb ass Maccy). After a day of experimenting you finally can create the compound. You make the compound and blow the door. You find a long hallway, over the speaker system, Miss South Carolina comes,

"I personally believe, that... you... will not survive. Because I believe this hallway, is soo hard. Don't worry I'll help you!"

After making your way through the hallway, you find South Carolina, (to take a break and restore Hit Points, wink wink)

Next you enter a door and you face a real life Rick Roll. Also, you start swimming through air. After 2 hours of "never gonna give you up, you strangle and kill Rick Astley. Finally in the basement, you find a man named Vince Offer and hit pet duck. He claims he'll kill you, but you walk past him and he doesn't do anything.

You Walk into the next room and you face a giant Pitt. You turn around to have a pissed off Spartan King kick you into it. As you fall you see marshmallow clouds raining acid snakes.

You wake up in the middle of a highly radioactive crater. Suffering from Radiation Poisoning, you're about to die. Suddenly you hear a loud beating noise coming from the horizon. It's Spence in a helicopter! He picks you up and takes you back to his shack he cures you and you arm up.

Finally, you set off the kill Maccy, permanently.


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