Hunted is a quest in Fallout Eleventy

Try and Survive

Given by



Secret Lair


Moving up a rank in VTHG

Preceded by

Requiem for a Fan

Followed by

Requiem for a Man

Goals Edit

  • Discover where you are
  • Gather information
  • Kill the Trolls
  • Escape
  • Report the the VTHG


You wake up in a dark place. Trolls are brainwashing you with stupidity and bad grammar. You destroy the device and smash the equipment on a trolls head and take his pistol.

You break out of your cell and make your way through the facility. Kill anyone that intercepts you. Discover the mainframe and download the data.

Make your way to the Armory and pick up some explosives and a gun. You see an M60 behind a bullet proof glass, but you can't get to it. Return to the Mainframe and plant the explosives. Send out an SOS signal to the VTHG. Make your way out and fight through the hordes. Bethesda fan comes out and puts a gun to your head.

"Well, it seems you've temporarily set me back. Now, you need to die you geek.

Just as soon as he is about to pull the trigger the explosives detonate and he is knocked down. You leave him, surrounded by fire. A VTHG helicopter comes and picks you up. Make your way back to base and claim your reward.


  • Rank in VTHG
  • Experience

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