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Abbey Road, UK

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Galaxy News Radio UK (abbreviated GNRUK) is the pre-war remnant of Abbey Road recording studio, which was restored and refurbished by its founder, and ex-Capital Wasteland GNR DJ, Butcher Pete, and his padawan, Six Dog. The studio is heavily guarded by members of RED and BLUE from Team Fortress 2, Butcher Pete's Pet Deathclaws, and most importantly, the Beatles. Because Butcher Pete is from the States and his only knowledge of the UK comes from Monty Python, BBC America, and the funny as hell Question Hour, it is likely that he will make accidental stereotypical remarks and/or screw ups about information on the United Kingdom, and others will need to correct it. It's very boring here, so visitors are encouraged to make changes to this page in any way possible, by adding stories, music, and the like.


At the moment, GNRUK has about the same amount of music as the Capital Wasteland GNR because of the Great War. Initially, all Butcher Pete had to play was "Der Kommissar" by After the Fire and "Abbey Road", an album by the Beatles. By searching in the wreckage of his DeLorean he found the album "London Calling" by the Clash, which is a GREAT album. The player, in their travels, can find dozens of extra songs for Butcher Pete and GNRUK, and most can be found here.

Current List of Galaxy News Radio UKEdit

Note: When Butcher Pete is sleeping or lazy, he will just play his favorite radio station over GNRUK's airwaves.

(To listen, click the square icon with the martini labeled "Illinois Street Lounge" at the right of the page. The station will stream to your media player.)
  • "Der Kommissar" by After the Fire
  • "Best Song Ever" or "Worst Song Ever" depending on the players choice in The Spirit of Radio.
  • "Abbey Road" album by the Beatles
  • "London Calling" album by the Clash
  • "Never Mind the Bollocks" - album by the Sex Pistols
  • "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick astley
  • "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel
  • "Butcher Pete, parts One and Two" by Roy Brown
  • "Moskau" by Dschinghis Khan
  • "Rasputin" by Boney m
  • "Kazakhstan National Anthem" by Borat
  • "Cats in the Cradle and the Silver Spoons"(Ugly Kid Joe version) by Ugly Kid Joe
  • "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" By Green Day
  • "Nothing for me here" by Dope

Users are encouraged to add artists and/or individual songs.