Welcome to the Fallout Eleventy FAQ! This is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Fallout Eleventy.

What is Fallout Eleventy?Edit

Fallout Eleventy is a work of fiction (forever) created by Fat Man Spoon, Nitpicker of the Wastes, and Werewolfhell, with help from AngryNorwegianDude, Porter21, Friday, and no one else who was important enough to be listed so fucking forget them.

When will Fallout Eleventy be released?Edit


Why not just post this on the Fallout Fanon Wiki, Tranquility Lane?Edit

This wiki is a walkthrough and outline for the mod, and because fan fiction is written by brainless fat chicks who think they're vampires or like daytime soap operas. Fallout Eleventy is a mod-in-progress constructed by retarded writers, artists, and CP experts.Plus,being the Hub Wikia for Fallout Eleventy,anything we say about Backstory is BULLSHIT,'nuff said.

You keep talking about mods. For what game?Edit

Fallout 4's engine would be great, but the team behind Fallout Eleventy not only have fallen off the Earth but also are fags who DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO MAKE THEIR OWN FUCKING ENGINE.

What can I do to help?Edit

You can help by forcing the devs to actually USE THEIR FUCKING BRAINS and STOP BEING EGOTISTICAL CUNTS.

Wheres does Fallout Eleventy Take Place?Edit


Ha ha you guys SUCK DICKEdit

We know, we LOVE Fat Cock James especially..